A short introduction to environmental remediation for mining legacies: case studies from ENVSEC work in South East Europe

In close cooperation with UNEP and the ENVSEC initiative, Zoï has compiled a highly visual report summarizing the innovative work the Environment and Security (ENVSEC) initiative has conducted in the Balkans during the last 5 years. Understanding the health and environmental risks arising from mining legacies is crucial for future decision-making, but simply knowing that the risks exist is not sufficient: providing solutions on how to reduce risks and enhance cooperation is also im- portant. Therefore, ENVSEC wanted to create regional examples that provide realistic options on how these risks can be minimized with cost-efficient interventions that can be replicated across the region. These example sites are now being used as educational tools where experts, students and others can get in touch and acquire an understanding of what has been done, and can then apply their knowledge in similar projects in other locations.


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