Annual Report 2014


Environmental information for decision-makers is a leitmotif of Zoï’s activities. Our comparative advantage in the market is that we know the complex themes and geographies, and we have the skills to communicate in words, pictures and maps. We cannot escape the trend of society’s increasing taste for fast food: environmental information that goes down easy. In this sense our vital graphics and visual syntheses are highly appreciated around the world.

We are not only resisting this trend. On the contrary, we are fully embracing today’s possibilities for producing and disseminating animated content: in 2014 Zoï screened animations at such major events as the Climate Change COP20 in Lima and the Annual Swiss Development Cooperation Conference in Geneva. Although none of our films has gone viral so far (what environmental content does?), animations are proving to be a good way to integrate texts, maps and graphics to convey our messages in a powerful way. Zoï animations are rooted in our handmade and locally produced tradition.

Projects, trends, results and challenges, not forgetting about comics – all in the Annual Report 2014.


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