Leave No Mountain Behind: The Synthesis Series


This series on mountain issues delves into the case studies featured on the Solutions Portal of the Adaptation at Altitude programme. As a partner in the programme, Zoï participates in the development and design of the publications.

Is public funding of adaptation going to the mountain regions most in need?
The finance synthesis covers the geographic distribution and drivers of financial aid for climate change adaptation, and recommends ways to optimize programmes and funding streams.

Scaling ecosystem restoration and protection: challenges and promising solutions
This synthesis looks at common factors in successful ecosystem projects – inclusive decision-making, collaboration across sectors, and support for local communities.

Integration of Indigenous knowledge for adaptation in mountain regions
This synthesis consolidates insights and lessons that show how Indigenous knowledge informs climate change adaptation in mountain regions.

Adapting to transboundary risks in mountain regions
This synthesis compiles insights and lessons concerning transboundary climate risks, challenges, and potential solutions in mountain regions.


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