Climate vulnerability assessment for the Prutul de Jos (Lower Prut) Biosphere Reserve

The Lower Prut area in Moldova, home to unique wetland and lake ecosystems, is facing hotter and drier weather, less water in rivers and lakes, and more severe extreme weather. Over 100 species are particularly vulnerable to climate change, and to help them survive targeted measures will be needed. Special care needs to be taken of Beleu and Manta lakes at the heart of the biosphere reserve, in addition to climate change threatened by siltation, waste, poaching and even extraction of oil. A changing climate will also alter people’s living conditions and livelihoods, and the inhabitants in nine villages of the area are to find ways to build more sustainable and climate-resilient lives.

The study proposes a package of 38 adaptation measures with a total cost of about 30 million euros. It is expected that the assessment will help guide further support to the area, including that financed by the Austrian Development Agency. The study was prepared by experts of Zoï and EcoContact in Moldova.


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