National Framework for Climate Services for the Republic of Armenia

Armenia’s hydrometeorological observation network collects a vast array of data. Other governmental entities, private companies, research, non-governmental and other organisations collect data and provide services as well. But users still face gaps as some of the needed data are not collected, while others are difficult to find and access. Only limited data are available online or through social media, and users often do not know what information exists, how it can be acquired or how much it would cost. There is considerable room for expanding interactions with interested users, who in turn can help conceive and shape innovative and relevant products by applying their expertise.

WMO’s Global Framework for Climate Services envisions better risk management and more efficient adaptation to climate variability and change through improvements in the quality, delivery and use of climate elated information in planning, policy and practice. The World Bank has supported the conceptualisation and establishment of a National Framework for Climate Services in Armenia, and from 2019 to 2020 Zoï worked in close cooperation with the Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Center under the Ministry of the Environment of Armenia to develop the NFCS concept and action plan tailored to the needs of Armenian users.


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