The Environment-Security Nexus in the South Caucasus: Priorities and Action

This examination of the environment and security nexus in the South Caucasus comes a decade after an initial assessment that raised awareness about the risks of environmental degradation in a region at the brink of economic boom and littered with ethno-territorial conflicts. The consensus at that time was that environmental cooperation had the potential to build confidence and eventually to help resolve conflict. Since 2004, there were setbacks within the overall geopolitical situation in the Southern Caucasus with an open conflict between Russia and Georgia in 2008 and very little progress in resolving the so-called frozen conflicts. The aim of this study, which analyzes the 2014-2015 situation, is to reinterpret the environment and security paradigm, and one of the study’s main findings is that despite the fragility of the region, new social movements may provide unexpected opportunities for progress.


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